Gender Stereotypes In Wonder Woman

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The next heroine not only breaks the typical gender stereotypes but also revolutionises the superhero movie genre. Wonder Woman was brought to the big screen in 2017 and made by female director Patty Jenkins. What is more, the premiere of the movie made a history since Wonder Woman had the biggest weekend opening for a female director, bringing in more than $100 million. Although female superheroes have always been present in cinema they have been limited in their exposure and always outnumbered by males. What really distinguishes Wonder Woman as a female superhero is that she is the first heroine belonging to a superhero team who was granted with her own separate movie. Considering, for instance, Black Widow from Avengers(2012), who is an…show more content…
The male character Steve is a secondary figure in the movie who needs Diana 's help. She saves his life after he accidentally comes to her land, however, it is not once that she helps him as after Steve tells her about terrible events that take place in his world, she decides to go with him. Diana is convinced that Ares who is the god of war and the greatest Amazonians ' enemy, is responsible for the war. She is bellicose and wants to extinguish Ares as soon as possible. She sets off on a battle surrounded only by men. Comparing Diana to her male partners, she is way stronger and more courageous than they are. Diana may seem to be impulsive, but she does not hesitate to take action, she does not wait for men to save the day but takes matters into her hands and take the lead during the fight. In the final battle with Ares, Diana loses a sword which she thinks is the only weapon which can be used to defeat the god of death. Ares overpowers Diana, however, as she is inspired by Steve 's last words about his feelings for her, and sacrificing his life for the good of humanity, she summons her power and destroys Ares; consequently she realises that how powerful she does not depend on what weapon she wields, but discovers she herself is strong and
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