Wonder Woman Movie Gender Analysis

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In Monica Miller, Jessica Rauch, and Tatyana Kaplan’s article “Gender Differences in Movie Superheros’ Roles, Appearances, and Violence”, the authors argue that men have it easier in the superhero world. They claim that women are characterized as weaker, less intelligent, and lower positioned heroes that are forced to use their gender to their advantage. They developed this claim by first describing the roles of these female heroes. Then they briefly describe the appearances of the heroes. And finally, they characterize the weapons and fighting skills of these female heroes.

“Males were more powerful, muscular, violent, and evil while women were more attractive, thin, sexy/seductive, innocent, afraid, and helpless…Compared to males’, females’ clothes (both
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First, costumes that they have the women are impractical. They do not properly protect them in dangerous situations. They don't even talk about protection of themselves. In the newest Wonder Woman movie, her costume is what some people would say is a sleeveless crop top with absolutely short shorts and a belt. Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty much wearing a mesh see through bra, a leather vest that doesn't close completely, and tight leather pants. It is like the directors want the women to look careless in their own safety. Some of the costumes don't even make significance with their powers. Supergirl is wearing a short skirt and one of her powers is flying. Next, they make the women have little to no weapons, have no or a small amount of powers, and make them act seductive or use what knowledge that they have to get out of a situation. One example would be Black Widow in the beginning of the Avengers movie. Furthermore, when they are fighting a major battle, they would be fighting with a partner or in a group. One example would be Black Widow and the Avengers. Another example would be Wonder Woman and the group of men that she teamed up
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