Wonder Woman Research Paper

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In traditionally, princess defined can be encapsulated in a few concepts later, the king 's daugther, incredibly beautiful, and born to wating to hostage rescue . All over the world to the comic characters, or even video games like Mario, Princess are acting weak, sitting in the tower and wating for who will get her. Moreover, the princess image is a mirror image of women throughout history. In the childhood, people like a hero to rescue, but raised it seems a bit unfair to them. These girls do not have the right to decide their future, not determined love, occasionally being brought out as a reward for the prince or knight. As a commodity princess imprisoned forever, just change from prison to another prison. But not all princess are acting…show more content…
Female leaders often rigorous evaluation than their male colleagues, and their advancement can depend on a higher level is not ready to implement the provisions on gender. While in the home, women are expected to perform all the household chores. Only few examples of women to follow and learn. Women themselves do not necessarily see themselves as leaders, partly because of the message of the media, education and family. Instead, Wonder Woman is one of the icons for all women to follow. For example, she was a leader of an army to fight the war gods Ares. Wonder Woman is an iconic image changes a woman for many years as a leader, and together they led the fight against evil. As stevie st. John mentions in the article "Out of Character: Wonder Woman 's Strength is her Compassion- What Happened?" "What 's always stuck out isn 't het physical powers but her strength as a leader who inspires others and never betrays her beliefs." which mean that she is believed by all her people to be a leader rather than her power to take control of their spend. In sum, Wonder Woman is a character representing the woman in the process of change to become a
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