Auteur Theory Essay

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Cheng Yee Ming

Auteur Theory and Wong Kar-Wai’s Films 

Mr. Wong Kar Wai is one of the most famous filmmakers still working today in Hong Kong. Well developed characters, remarkable depth of visuals, completely storytelling and touching music that hits the perfect time in all of his films. Wong did not ever present he was inspired by which films and which filmmakers in all of his films from past until now.
In 1981, Wong Kar Wai joined a training course for producers and directors, which was held by TVB. After his graduation from this course, he became an assistant director at TVB . After working on a whole decade of writing scripts for televisions soap operas, entertainment programs and large range of genre films at TVB. The first directional film of Wong Kar Wai was presented in1988, which is As Tears Go By. It is a Hong Kong style violent gangster melodrama. Moreover, Wong Kar Wai started his directional creature in days of being wild, which is about a man finding his real mother in Philippines. In 1994, Ashes of time which is talking about the ancient Chain. Wong Kar Wai won the Best Film and the Best Director Awards in 1997 Hong Kong Film Awards with the film of Happy together, he became well know and began to be known internationally.
Beginning in the 1960s, some film critics had begun to criticize the idea of the director as
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Film Technique are used for producing films including shooting and post-producing, for example the after effect of the film like the truck transform to a robot in 'Transformer'. Wong Kar Wai is a famous director but there is a lecturer, Bettinson.G. , teaches at the Lancaster University, wrote a paper discuss about the esthetic ways of Wong Kar Wai. On the other hand, Gary also describe the technique characteristics of Mr. Wong Kar Wai are not fit to exciting technique, and Gary believes Wong Kar Wai has his own style and explore new horizon for adapting in his

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