Wonka's Factory Reflection

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I remember reading this book (and watching the movie) several times as a child, and every time I did, I always marveled at how magnificent and awesome Wonka’s Factory seemed. Moreover, I thought both the book and movie taught me that being humble (like Charlie) would get one far, as Charlie was rewarded with possessions beyond his dreams, while the other four children were punished (sent home) for their greed (Augustus), pride (Violet), laziness (Mike) and being spoilt (Veruca). However, reading this book now, as an adult, I realize that there are more to this book then just displaying characteristics NOT-to-have, to get far in life. In my opinion, I felt that this book would not be appropriate for children as the book narrates skewed priorities and focuses on the selfishness of the central characters. For instance, Augustus is depicted as a gluttonous, Violet is a gum-chewing-glutton who is prideful (love attention from media/ reporters), Veruca is a materialistic-glutton who is spoilt by her parents, while Mike is a television-glutton who is lazy and wants to do nothing but watch television all day long. Though Charlie lacks everything his peers have (food/money/warmth), I would consider him to be a hope-glutton as the book narrates that Charlie “wants it more than anyone” and that despite him getting a bar of chocolate only once per year, he still hopes to get the Golden Ticket (regardless of it being almost impossible). As I read on, I also felt that Charlie was

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