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Doesn't a wood router look very cool? In fact, it is more than just a fancy-looking power tool: you can't skip it in your wood working projects, whether just to cut wood pieces or create decorative patterns.
People who are new to woodworking may find such tools like circular saw difficult or dangerous to use. Enter the wood router - the best woodworking tools for beginners. Easy to use, highly efficient, accurate and safe, these machines enable you to make pretty much anything you want. Whether you need to cut wood pieces, create or round up edges, make decorative moldings and patterns, cut grooves, create joints…you can achieve them all, especially when you use several types of wood routers
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Note that the large the bit diameter, the slower the speed to avoid heat build-up and eventual burning.
• Go for multiple passes than one heavy cut
Make the entire cut in one pass seems to help you save a lot time but in fact it causes a lot of tear-out. This strategy does not work well with materials that are easily removed or got burn (cherry wood, for example). Instead, that you should do is making several light passes and increase the depth of cut slightly with each pass; that way, tear-out is reduced significantly.
• Maintain an appropriate feed rate
As the rotating bit move along the edge of the materials or clockwise, depending on you use a handheld router or table-mounted router, you need to maintain a speed that is not too slow or too fast. Too fast, you get rough cuts. Too slow, you get burned marks. You can obtain a consistent and suitable speed through trails and errors so make sure you do some experiments in the beginning.
• Keep the workpiece firmly in place
It is important to keep the workpiece from shifting while routing so that you get consistent, clean cuts.
• Be aware of routing

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