Case Study Woodmere

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Randolph Pillman
Prof Rodolfo Santamaria
TLMT312 I002
18 August 2016
Case 2: Woodmere Products
I. Major Facts John a sales representative for a company Woodmere, is approached by Nans who works for Home Help with a business proposal. A little background on Home Help: Bowersox (2013) study found the following: Home help operates over 400 warehouse style stores in 38 states with average 80k square feet and offering 25,000 different products. Home help is an innovated company that uses new products that design and home decorate. The services offered also provide installation services and professional decorating services too. The type of customers that Home Help have are the ones that have the do it yourself mentality and/or an interior decorators.
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Woodmere has been doing this business for a long time and have to reconfigure their way of doing business--especially a profitable company Home helps is. This is imperative to the Woodmere's success if it wants to survive in this economy. PR Newswire (2004) study found the following: Properly financed and properly marketed, Woodmere has the possibility of rapidly expanding its business base. Woodmere does have the capability to rapidly expand its business base and with this merger; Homes help can make it possible. Therefore, through decisions of changing Woodmere's logistics process and those changes have been implemented--finally Woodmere can merge with Homes…show more content…
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