Woodrow Wilson Politics And Public Administration Summary

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Theoretical framework Woodrow Wilson’s thought: Woodrow Wilson is regarded as the originator of the doctrine of politics- administration dichotomy. In his essay he divided government into two separate sections of politics and administration. In his opinion, politics is marked as policy formulating function and administration is marked as policy implementation function. He defined public administration as “detailed and systematic execution of public law”. 1 He characterized public administration as a field of business. According to him, field administration is a field of business. So, administration is a separate part from politics. Administrative question is not political question though the duty of politics is to set agenda. He further observed that “public administration is a part of political life only as the methods of counting house are a Part of the life of the society; only as machinery is part of a manufactured product”.2In that sense, politics can be considered as province and administration is that of technical official. Wilson also focused that-administrators should not be involved in political process. In that way, he tried to present a clear distinction between politics and administration. He virtually wanted creation of politically neutral administrative system in a democratic country. So it should be separate from the political system, although it is under the democratic control. To Wilson, public administration was much more than

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