Woodrow Wilson The Study Of Administration Summary

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Woodrow Wilson, the twenty-eighth President of the United States, is well renowned for many accomplishments; of particular importance is being credited as the father of Public Administration. Although he argues for many different ideas and concepts, his end goal is always for the benefit of the people. This particularly resonates in his 1887 essay; The Study of Administration. In his critically renowned essay, The Study of Administration, he details his concepts of and for public administration. In his essay, Woodrow Wilson breaks down his essay into three sections, the first of which gives a detail of the history of public administration. Without delay he concedes that technically public administration has been around for a long time. However, he supersedes this through claiming that no one had studied in depth the field and systematic knowledge of public administration until the previous century. He details of during the period of and preceding his essay, people would disproportionately focus on the constitution of the government. These people would focus on the relationship of the constitution and how the laws were made, what laws could be made, and who made the laws. Their focus did not adequately pertain to the actual implementation of these laws. He places emphasis upon the relationship to democracies. He details how in a democracy, it is ruled by all the population, and people elected by them. It is thus full of compromises. Due to this, it can be a very slow
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