Woodrow Wilson: Wilson Or Dyslexia?

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His parents were Jessie Janet Woodrow and Joseph Ruggles Wilson, his dad was a Presbyterian(it is a religion) minister. He had 4 siblings, they moved to Staunton, Virginia, Augusta, Georgia so basically all over the south. In Tommy 's first year he was in Columbia were Reverend wilson taught at Columbia Theological Seminary. As a kid he saw the carnage of the civil war up close. After the war he saw the Confederate president Jefferson Davis in chains. Scholars now believe that woodrow had a form of dyslexia. His father taught his first born in oratory and debate, he got a passion about it. He fell in love with love with Ellen Louise Axson at a church in 1883. She was a smart woman and her cousin was scared that she will not marry because “men don’t like smart woman.” they had 3 daughters. Wilson relied on Ellen for decision making a lot of the time. In 1907, Wilson broke Ellen’s heart when he cheated with Bermuda on a restorative trip. But they were still together and moved on.…show more content…
He was involved in one of the weirdest elections, Wilson ran for democratic and went against William Howard Taft who was a republican. But Theodore Roosevelt, who was Will’s predecessor, was disappointed with his presidency. So he Ran a third party cutting Will”s votes in half which made Woodrow Wilson win. Woodrow went to the white house during the women’s suffrage movement was advancing. Woodrow supported the cause of a woman 's right to vote. He begins with a speech in front of the Senate january, 1918, Wilson publicly endorsed a woman’s right to
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