Woodrow Wilson's Decision To Stay Out Of The Great War

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The United States was so determined to stay out of the Great War in 1914 because overall the United States had no major stake in the outcome of the war and therefore they planned to stay uninvolved.Most Americans did not want to enter the Great War and the United States had a strong precedent of distancing itself from European political entanglements, which resulted in no desire to alter the tradition. Additionally, Woodrow Wilson, Congress, and Americans were united in this settlement.Woodrow Wilson asks the American people to stay neutral at this time in word as well as state. Additionally, he has domestic reasons for doing this because American public opinion is divided. According to the American Entry into WWI video,Wilson also does not have concerns about American security. He attempts three steps of neutrality to encourage others to stay out of the war. Wilson first tries to trade with no other individuals because he wanted to stay out of the war economically and militarily by banning…show more content…
Additionally, many other changes would have been made as well. For example, Woodrow Wilson would not have been involved in the Paris Peace Conference. Additionally, any individual could think that there may not have been any additional wars (WWII or Pearl Harbor). This answer is debatable, but in my opinion Central Powers would have won due to the scarcity of supplies and troops without the United States. According to The Japan Times, the United States entering the war caused numerous problems and caused danger to the rest of the individuals. More importantly, the article state that there would not be a Hitler if it were not for the United States entering the Great War (Stalkman). Overall, there are many events that could not have happened if Woodrow Wilson chose not to enter the war. Can you think of some of the other ideas and events that would not have occurred?
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