Essay On Woodrow Wilson's Goals After Ww2

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Once the war was finally over Woodrow Wilson had to make great compromises during the Treaty of Versailles. his original 14 points shrunk into 3 goals. these goals were to defend the United States and its territories, stop European intervention in the Western Hemisphere, and preserve China's Nation. With most of the European powers being extremely worn out from the war these goals were not very hard to ensure and because the US did not have to dedicate as many resources or manpower as its European allies it was easier for us to set the rules and make sure they were followed. After The first World War America return to its independent ideals, we turned back to an isolationist policy and we denied ourselves entry into the League of Nations so…show more content…
the main problem that the military faced during this time was still the Great Depression which made it hard to really start expanding and the president at the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not in any sort of mood to increase government spending including the military. He did have a very decent idea that the world was coming closer to another world war however he had already promised not to increase government spending so he limited the amount of rearmament that the military was able to do. Eventually once the United States had left the depression to expand more and adopted the Navy Second To None policy which showed as our Battleship count to Japan's Battleship count was 15 to 10 however Japan still Trump's America in several field such as destroyers in which Japan had 122 and America had 104. This is also the same case for submarines showing the United States had 56 and Japan had 62. All I know the tensions around the world rows and America still struggled to properly mobilize themselves. We had a great potential to become a military power but we're still not quite at the level of industrialization that we needed to be at in order to be universally respected and feared as a military
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