Woodrow Wilson Essay

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Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson had done many incredible things for the world and led us through World War I. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1856, in Staunton, Virginia. He died on February 3, 1924, while married to Edith Bolling. During his lifetime he had three kids; Margaret, Jessie And Eleanor Wilson. He had stayed in office for two terms, leaving before he died of illness. During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, Wilson wanted our economy to change and look beyond our best interests and spread our democracy overseas. The United States worked hard to stay consistent internationally. The United States took action in the traditional Western Hemisphere and in Europe before/during World War I. Wilson’s vision for security in leadership…show more content…
The telegram stated that if Mexico helped Germany in the war, Germany would help steal back some land from America. America entered after Russia had left the war. America worked hard to raise money for the war by raising taxes and selling liberty bonds to raise money as well. America had also needed soldiers, they created a volunteer army to show people the government wouldn’t take men from their families. When it was later in the war America needed more soldiers, which brought the draft among the people. America had left the war, negotiating a peace deal. Wilson had won World War I, then later negotiated a peace treaty. The peace treaty was called The Treaty of Versailles. This Treaty stated that Germany would have to pay for all costs of the war and pay for damages.Wilson negotiated the peace treaty at the Paris Peace Conference. At the conference, he presented The Treaty Of Versailles. As he presented it, it required Germany to accept full responsibility for starting the war, make repairs to other countries with damages, surrender some land to other countries etc. The Germans weren’t happy with this negotiation, yet agreed anyway. Wilson called this “A Peace Without
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