Woods Runner Book Report Essay

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Woods runner by Gary Paulsen Book report By Simon Zschiegner This book report is about the Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen comparing the lifestyles of the way of life during the American Revolution with the way modern day children live today. The Woods Runner is about a 13-year-old boy, Samuel, whose parents were kidnapped by the British. He lived all his life in the woods. Now he needs to find his parents. In the middle of the war he experiences many dangerous adventures, he rescues a small girl called Annie Clark and meets a Scottish spy named Abner. They find his parents in New York City and once in safety, he joins the rebel soldiers. In the comparison of the lifestyles there are four areas to consider: survival and challenges, government,…show more content…
Today we have many options from driving to riding trains to flying. They had to find food every day because it would not last for a long time without the refrigeration that we have today. They didn’t have good communication and media to get news. Most of their communication was verbal, very few newspapers and sometimes letters. For example it took a long time until Samuel’s family heard about the war. “…insert quote” This is very different than today where we can communicate instantly through the internet or on the phone. In the old days for light they used gas lights and the main source for heat wood burning fire places. They didn’t have electricity. In summary life was much harder and very dangerous at the time of the American Revolution. For a thirteen-year-old boy it was even more dangerous and difficult to survive not only because of the enemies and the fact that he didn’t have his parents but also because he had to hunt for his own food. Despite of all these challenges he even takes on the mission to find his parents. He succeeds in finding his parents and then decides to join the war fighting for the American independence. Cited
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