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Woodstock Festival 1969 Woodstock is a rock and roll festival done in 1969 for 3 days in a raw from August 15 till August 18. It is a onetime festival done by 4 young men that was recorded as a big festival in history. The oldest between the four man at that time was 27 years old. This festival was described as a " Three day of Peace and Music". the festival involved lots of sex, drugs, rock and roll and lots of mud. John Roberts, a pharmaceutical fortune, had a big amount of money and wanted to invest them in project that deal with music. Robert and his friend Joel Rosenman placed an advertising in New York Times magazine saying in it the following sentence " Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions" . This lead them to meet the two other…show more content…
The first most important plan was to be done and confirmed was the location for the festival to be done. This plan was hard to find and took time to search for the place that fit 20,000 people (number they estimated for audience). Roberts and Rosenman found a 300 arc space in park Wallkill New York and decided to make the festival there. After finding the location it was time to find bands and singer to sign contracts for the performing in the festival. The huge reputation about the festival provoked the attraction of singers and band. The first superstars to sign a contact with the organizers was Creedence Clearwater Revival agreed to play in the festival for 10,000$. The big percentage of spending money for the festival was for the acts that will be performed in the festival. the Creedence Clearwater Revival reputation that they have signed a contract will provoke many others to jump and sign a contact too because this band was very

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