Woodville's Ethical Theories

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The healthcare industry is one of the sectors that are of great value to the society and the goal to improve healthcare has not only been in terms of facilities but also the manner of treatment that surrounds ethics. Woodville Healthcare Centre has resorted to strive in doing right by their patients in every means possible. Part of their mission involves doing everything right as far as healthcare ethics is concerned. Woodville faces scenarios involving various principles of ethics that are based upon diverse ethical theories. In many cases elements of all major ethical theories are usually looked at by Woodville’s operational staff, executive staff and the governing board as a whole in dealing with various ethical scenarios. In tackling an ethical case scenario, it is the policy of the institution to follow a fair process in…show more content…
The employees of Woodville Health Centre hence strive to follow the guidelines and internal corporate policies within their various departments. Executives and heads of these departments also strive in leading as examples by acting in appropriate ways as required by the codes of ethics and integrity within the institution. The culture of maintaining ethical behavior within the institution is hence embodied from the highest level which is the governing board all the way to the operating employees. As a result of the vigilance and commitment shown by all personnel within the institution, Woodville Healthcare Centre has been able to continue upholding high ethical standards as demanded by their clients and other parties
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