Woodworking Personal Statement

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My educational goal is to pursue my passion of woodworking. From a very young age I dreamt of owning my own business. I 've always dreamt of going to college, and majoring in mathematics and business to be one step closer to my goal. I knew from a very young age that my dreams of going to college would be slim, because my mother, as a single parent worked to keep my brother and I content. It was difficult for her because, she was involved in an accident, that the doctors said she would never walk again. But with her strong will and perseverance she was able to again. To keep my dream of going to college in reach I have maintained a 3.7 grade point average, while taking classes such as Ap calculus, Ap statistics, Ap literature and composition,…show more content…
My experiences in my four years of East High School, have been completely life changing. I have learned so much about myself, who I am, who I want to be, and what I’m capable of. These wonderful memories would not be so true, if East high school didn 't have the teachers who are so passionate about their jobs, who care about their careers and their students lives. There had been hard times, hard classes that were so very frustrating, that no matter how much I tried, how much I studied I just couldn 't understand the material. There have been days I just wanted to cry, but what helped me get through it was the staff at East High. There had always been someone to go to, there was never a moment where I had been alone. I’ve been involved in extracurricular activities such as girls rugby, where our first three years we placed in state, because of our supportive coaches, they taught us how to be fearless, be confident, be aggressive, but also to pick up both ourselves and the other teams. I want to carry all of the things I’ve learned because of East High school, with me the rest of my life, through my college career, so i can be successful in my dreams and and a passion can change your life for the better no matter how small it
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