Woody Allen Film Analysis

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First and foremost, Woody Allen is a New York citizen to the core. It is the only place where he can imagine existing (cf. Rothman 65). He could never leave the city for good (cf. Klein 83); he would miss his day-to-day- life including his favorite restaurants, galleries, and Monday performances with his jazz band. “The Manhattan he loves and inhabits, is a rather remarkable place: prettier, cleaner, more romantic and less dangerous than the city most people know” (Klein 84). His films take place around the area of the Times Square and the chic Upper East Side, where Allen lives himself. Most of the romantic scenes are set near the East River, on picturesque streets with brownstone houses, or in Central Park, which is one of the few natural spaces he can tolerate. He will shoot scenes in the coastal or upstate area but cannot imagine producing a film deep in the mountains or the desert. Allen is able to create a dream city that distances itself from the rough life full of poverty, homelessness, and crime. He has the tendency to fill his streets and cafés with mostly interesting, intelligent, wealthy and creative people. In 1979, Woody Allen shot a movie that has become known as the ultimate declaration of love to the city, Manhattan. I would like to highlight the opening shot of the film, as it is a montage in black and white that captures the cinematic New York Allen adores. This example serves as the basis of comparison for the portrayal of the urban image in his post-9/11

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