Woody And Buzz Lightyear Analysis

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As watching the film it’s easy to see that Woody and Buzz are the heroes of the story. But, as watching other Disney movies and on Disney commercials they are not really consider Disney heroes. Woody starts to be resentful and doubtful with Buzz arrival and he begins to bully him. Woody actions is not a way of being a Disney hero like Mickey Mouse is. Woody starts being mean calling Buzz names and teasing him because he is a space ranger. Now introducing Buzz Lightyear. He is becoming confident of who he is but still suffering from the impression that he pursues. Even though he can be a little aggravating he is still nice, helpful, happy majority of the time. When Buzz Lightyear see his actions figures he loses control. While approaching the toys that looks exactly like him he starts to build confidence in himself. He realizes…show more content…
When Woody and Buzz are in Sid’s room they quickly believe the toys are evil because how they look. I believe that the audience would get the same aspect as well because the toys look creepy and scary and if you think about they are associated with mean and cruel character. Regardless of their worries, Woody and Buzz figure out that Sid’s toys are prisoners they are scared and want to get out of there. If Woody and Buzz didn’t communicate with Sid’s toys Sid would have tried to kill them. With all that in mind, that explains how there is not one specific hero in the film. The theme that is really important is that all the characters are able of being a hero and that self-confidence and humanity is all you need to overcome problems in life and accomplish any goals. Disney heroes are completely different because you could automatically figure out who is the hero or the evil person in the films. Toy Story was a little difficult because you can assume that someone can be good or evil by the appearance and their actions but they could be the opposite what you
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