Woolwool Feasibility Study

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Chapter 1:- Introduction The paper is to present a proposal for a master's thesis which seeks to conduct a feasibility study for opening a branch of Phoolwool.com (online florist) in Bharuch region. Bharuch is a city with around 3,70,000 inhabitants.With around 16524 registered industrial units in Bharuch district and 195 industries in Bharuch itself, along with high number of commercial banks and financial institutions, hotels and such business units, Bharuch could be an ideal market for the company having prime focus in B2B business. Phoolwool.com being an online florist, gift provider and event management firm wishes to tap this market and cater to the needs of the various customers. Having a success in the Baroda and various cities in…show more content…
The market potential of B2B businesses are more as compared to that to other business. Phoolwool.com also wishes to cater to the needs of various corporate sectors by providing them the solution for various event management, flowers and bouquet needs. Flowers and cakes being the most delicate products and with deep variety and emotions attached with it Phoolwool.com wishes to serve the customers by providing them the products as per their needs and wish. The research was conducted to know whether the private banks, financial institutions, hotels and insurance firms in Bharuch undertake various activities which could act as a business opportunity to Phoolwool.com . Thre proposed study seeks to decide the feasibility of opening a branch of Phoolwool.com in Bharuch with major customers being corporate organizations and catering to their various initiatives taken for customer engagement, wishing customers or clients on their birthdays as as well to know the demand of customers as well as to make a suuplier selection in a way that it would benefit Phoolwool.com the…show more content…
Data will be collected through observational research method and through survey distributed to potential customers in Bharuch, Gujarat.  Research Objectives: To study the feasibility of opening a branch of Phoolwool.com (online florist) in Bharuch. 1. To identify the market area and to collect information from the prospective customers. 2. To position Phoolwool.com as per the market condition of the region. 3. To select the ideal supplier for Phoolwool.com for flowers and cakes. 4. To identify the best location for setting up office of Phoolwool.com.  Assumptions of the Study: In the view of successful entry to the various cities of India by targeting the corporate organizations by catering to their various needs of flowers and event management, and established popularity of online firms as well as low competition in the market, an assumption can be made that the products of Phoolwool.com could have a great demand in the Bharuch market by specially concentrating on the corporate needs. Definition of terms: The following terms are listed and emphasized to give clarity while

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