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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background A brand is a name, term, sign or symbol that differentiates one seller’s brand from those of other sellers (Allen, O’Guinn & Semenik 2013:13). A brand allows a company to communicate a effective communication message to the market (Allen, O’Guinn & Semenik 2013:13). A brand name is the part of the brand that can be verbalised, through letters,words and numbers. The brand mark is the combination of symbols distinctive to the brand (Boshoff, Elliott ,Hair, Klopper, Lamb, McDaniel & Terblanche 2010:250-251). A brand can be visually separated from the competitor’s identity, a brand is seen as a successful identity. (Rowden 2000:123-124) The benefits of branding are as follows: It helps with product identification,…show more content…
The article emphasises the interpretation of the design brief and explained the design process. They received the brief from Charmaine Huet the Group Director of Woolworths Marketing beginning of 2007. The requirement was to design a new Corporate identity for Woolworths that is refresh, rejuvenated and modernised. The approach they took was to re-design a very simplistic logo, that achieved a strong and consistent visual language. The colour of the logo is black which shows strength, elegance and determination. The logo is a flat square with no shadows, very simple and clean with a prominent white letter ‘W’. It was required to design a programme guideline for designers that were going to use the new logo and to train designers in the proper use of the new visual language which was developed for Woolworths. This is important in any re-branding of a company, to maintain the new image and making sure directors, designers and managers and others involved to know the visual changes that have been done. It would make sure that all are applying it correctly to any application in any future marketing…show more content…
Some companies change their identity for the sake of changing, or the change in market trends (2000: 18). An identity forming project needs a firm guideline to avoid any unnecessary delays or a complete failure in completing the project. It is important to discuss the aims and objectives for achieving an identity that is true to the nature of the company, discussing options of employees and managers opinions and thoughts (2000: 31). This is also relevant in the process of forming an identity or re-creating an identity. It would be important to gather the opinions of others. (2000:

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