Word Choices And Metaphors In Poets Word Choice

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“Poets Word Choice”
Mohamed Gomaa
Dr. Omar Sabbagh

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This essay is about the use of word choices and metaphors in poems. I choose this topic because I believe the word choices and metaphors are the most effective way of expressing the meaning of the poem and delivering the feelings of the poet. To prove my point of view am going to discuss the different uses of words choices and metaphors in these poems "The Road Not Taken", "Your Last Drive" And "Afterwards".
To start off, "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, is a poem about being unique or different and taking the road that no one less takes. The Most important words in this poem are ‘Diverged’, ‘Undergrowth’, ‘Trodden’ and ‘yellow’. Firstly, The Word ‘Diverge’ means to split into two different directions, which refers to the two roads. If the poet used a word such as split, it gives the feeling that the road has been split into two roads and the two roads end points are the same. While the word diverge gives the feeling that the two roads seem identical but the ending up points are different. Secondly, the word ‘undergrowth’ refers to vegetation in forest, which can obstruct a passage. it is was mentioned in the first stanza "To where it bent in the undergrowth", it is really significant because it tells the reader that the narrator cannot see what is on the other side so he is unsure where he will end up. In addition, it relates the poem to real life when it comes to
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