Word Deplorable Essay

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Introduction: A Basket of Deplorable(s): Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton’s Use of the Word Deplorable Before addressing the quote-on-quote controversial word used by the Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton to describe half the supporters of the Republican Nominee Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Campaign, it is important to make one fact clear. Regardless of the political spectrum, presidential candidates support, presidential candidates should never negatively described their opponents’ group of supporters and/or voters. In other words, attacking presidential candidates’ campaign is one factor, but attacking their supporters is another issue within itself, which causes more harm than good. In a regrettable manner,…show more content…
From a personal standpoint, when observing the Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition of the word deplorable, the definition provided an accurate description of another particular person in general. For instance, stroking the fears of racism and bigotry intensely describes the deplorable behavior of the Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. From a personal perspective, if having the opportunity to provide an alternative definition of the word deplorable, the definition would consist of this: An unacceptability of intolerable and dreadfulness characterization caused by an individual’s behavior (actions) or describing a condition of some sort. Moreover, when continuing back to the Democratic Presidential Nominee Clinton’s description of the Republican Presidential Nominee Trump’s supporters as a basket of deplorable(s), she has acknowledged that she regrets making that particular statement. However, on a final note, if the Democratic Presidential Nominee Clinton only described former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and white nationalist David Duke and Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump as deplorables, the word would perfectly fit the
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