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For a long time I avoided using the word myth because it means so many different things to different people. Academic experts on myth debate heatedly about what a myth is and how it functions in human life. In fact, with so many conflicting meanings and so much debate, some scholars have declared the word meaningless and abandoned it altogether. Myths are made up stories that try to explain how our world works and how we should treat each other. These myths described the big things that happened to people and the choices they made. They might be about triumph achieving something, tragedy losing something, honor doing the right thing, being brave even when you are frightened, or being foolish and making mistakes. People might be heroes in these stories and gods and goddesses could use their powers to help them or make things more difficult for them. Too many people believe security is dependent on external factors such as a steady paycheck, job security, or many friends. But security and freedom are actually internal, not external. You can only be free by actually living the life you know you should be living. Happiness and success are two different things. If you link happiness…show more content…
Many people believe this myth yet being creative, innovative and an inspiration to others requires you make and learn from mistakes no matter what race, gender, class etc. you are. You will stunt your growth if you only do what you know you will easily master. You will miss opportunities if you don't take some risks. We hold numerous beliefs about what works, about the correct way to do things, and about what we need to do to be successful. And on the surface, many of these beliefs sound quite positive and motivational, and they are in some situations. However, in many other situations, they turn into motivational myths that completely cripple our progress and prevent us from building positive
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