Word Of Mouse Character Analysis

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¨Tough times never last, tough people do¨ -Robert h. Schuller. To begin with, In the books Wonder by R.J. Palacio and Word of Mouse by James Patterson the characters Auggie in Wonder and Isaiah in Word of Mouse both have tough lives. They both have tough lives because they are nice even when they are very sad inside, and both of the characters have to take on challenges by themselves.
To introduce, Auggie and Isaiah both have tough lives because they are nice even when they are sad inside. For example, when Auggie gets called names he gets sad, but he doesn´t show it, instead he treats people how he would usually treat people. Treating people nice when you are very sad would be hard to do. Then, when Julian called Auggie names he got so sad, but he didn't show it to Julian instead he used kindness. Then, Isaiah loses his family and treats A new family, he met very nice even when he is very sad inside. After that, when Isaiah stays with a
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For example, in wonder Auggie has been homeschooled for his whole life, but now he has to go to a real school with kids. Being homeschooled for your whole life, then choosing to go to a real school would be challenging. Also, when Auggie is getting bullied by the kids at his school, he doesn´t tell anybody he just keeps it all to himself and things start getting worse. Then, in Word of Mouse, Isaiah and his family try to escape from the horrible place, but something goes wrong and he is the only mouse that escaped. He then has to live on his own. Being the smallest mouse of the family would be hard living on your own. Furthermore, When a cat starts chasing after Isaiah, he uses all of what the scientists gave him to escape the cat. A mouse outrunning a cat that sounds very tough and not normal. Then, this proves they both have tough lives because they both have to take on challenges by
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