Word Order In Arabic Language

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Word Order in Arabic Language
2.8.1. Sentence with a Verb The basic sentence in Arabic contains a verb, where a sentence does not require a verb for it and to make sense, a semantically light verb is inserted. The most common word order in a sentence with a verb is Verb-Subject –Object (V+S+O). However, when an adverb or adverbial phrase (a word or phrase describing the place, manner or time of occurrence of the main event) occurs the adverbial phrase (A) may occur before the verb to give Adverb –Verb-Subject. (A+V+S), less commonly between the verb and the subject to give Verb-Adverb-Subject (V+A+S), or after the subject to give Verb –Subject –Adverb (VSA) word orders. One word order which was until recently fairly unusual, but which is becoming
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Thus, Jack strikes Pete has a completely different meaning from Pete Jack, but a reversal like this in Arabic may not have the same effect. In Arabic the sentence Ahmad-laba-Al Kurah “Ahmed played football” has its own grammatical rules. In English the word-order, is important, and the subject must normally come before the predicate or verb. An Adjective will in any case follow a noun e. g. lisanu, I - “Arabi I – Fasihu’ the classical language of the Arab. Particles occupy various places in the sentences; most particles precede the word they refer to; only a few follow the word. Thus, the notion ‘ only’ is expressed by the particle ‘ innama at the beginning of the sentence, white at the end of the sentence it is expressed by fa—got e. g. ‘ innama, S-sadagatu lil-fugara’ I ‘ alms are only for the poor’s but wajadna dirhaman fagat’. We found only 2 coins. Another mater affecting in word order is how a question is expressed. In classical Arabic there is intentioned expression of the interrogative; here no change in the word order is necessary e. g. ‘anta warioun li-ban’ umayyata’ ‘ art thou heir of the…show more content…
According to George Gopen and Gudith Swan, the science of scientific writing “It doesn’t matter how pleased another might be to have covered all the right data into sentences and paragraphs: it matters only whether a large majority of the reading audience accurately precise what the author had intend. So the technique of writing in advertising is one of the most components of successful advertising. Clarity, brevity, simplicity, all these words are important elements during the device of a sentence. Clarity is important and try to avoid jargon. The writer tries to define the unfamiliar, if you define the term in its first occurrence, and put abbreviation in parentheses such
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