Word Processor Of The Gods Analysis

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Stephen King’s thrilling short story “Word Processor of the Gods” focuses on how technology can affect someone’s sanity. When given the chance to change their life, people take advantage of that and abuse it. Technology has taken over our lives and it could take our sanity if we let it. Some people are strong, but others are weak because they are full of envy. The dynamic character Richard was one of the weak ones because he was envious of his brother Roger. Roger has the life Richard always dreamed of, he had the wife and kid he always wanted. Richard and his nephew Jon always had a stronger connection than with the connection with his son Seth. Seth was always in his own world playing with his band and when his father needs him he just continues playing and ignores him. For instance, in lines 6-7 ““Seth!” he yelled. “Come give us a hand!” Downstairs, Seth just went on wrapping chords out of the Fender. Richard looked at Mr. Nordhoff and shrugged, ashamed and unable to hide it”, this shows the relationship between…show more content…
Technology with the power to let all your desires come true within seconds shouldn’t be allowed. People will lose their senses and start doing things they’ll regret later in life or make a bad choice. Stephen King didn’t write about the aftermath of him changing his life. We just know that he was happy with his choice. If technology continues to grow it would lead to a device similar to the word processor in this story and the world would be chaotic. Power like that should never be created or be tempered with. Stephen King wanted us to understand how technology with power like the word processor could make someone go insane. People wish to change their past or future and make up for their mistakes, but life shouldn’t be that simple. It should be about learning from those mistakes and leaving your destiny as it is and change the fate to
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