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Words are very powerful and must be chosen wisely. They have the ability to build people up or tear them down. Words can cause people to vehemently believe or solidify their doubt. If words are used properly they can create images as clear as an impeccably cleaned new window or be as murky as a dark muddy puddle. Successful writers have the capability to do creative things with their words. The effectiveness of one’s word usage is an important foundational aspect of rhetoric and advanced writing. Chapter four of the textbook, “Writing for Success” by Scott Mclean is entitled, “Working with Words,” it breaks down common mistakes writers make, gives strategies and tips on how to avoid them. It also focuses on what is needed to help develop strong meaningful sentences in order to leave the desired impression with a reader.
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Dictionaries and thesauruses should be used when deciding on which word to choose. The denotation (dictionary definition of word) and the connotation (the way the word is perceived) should also be taken into account when choosing words. In formal writing, one should always avoid using slang. Slang is informal, considered non-standard English, and slang changes constantly. Writers should also avoid using clichés, which are descriptively overused expressions. One example of a cliché is “another day, another dollar.” Prefixes and suffixes were also discussed in the word choice section of the textbook. These are word parts that are added to the beginning (prefix) of the word, or at the end of a word (suffix) to create a new meaning. Antonyms and synonyms are briefly mentioned as well as context clues. Synonyms are words that have the same or a very similar meaning. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of the selected word. There are a few different types of context clues: brief definition or reinstatement, synonym/antonym, and

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