Words Influenced Others In Thomas Paine's 'American Crisis'

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Paine’s Words Influenced Others What is someone to do when their loved ones are being held hostage and their needs are being denied? Thomas Paine gained his popularity during the Revolutionary War era. During this time people no longer wanted to be under Britain’s oppressive rule and were beginning to fight for their freedom. In Paine’s The American Crisis he uses pathos to make the colonists want to rebel against the British by using analogies to stir emotions within his audience. Paine uses an analogy about a thief to create a parallel between someone stealing from another person and the British stealing the colonists’ freedom and rights. This analogy appeals to one’s emotions because a person would naturally fight back if a thief threatened them, but will not fight against the British who are essentially…show more content…
If there should be loss of life and turmoil, any parent would want it to be during their lives so that their child could have a better life. This hit a soft spot in the revolutionists because it is a parent’s natural instinct to protect their offspring, and any good guardian wants their child to have a better life than they had. The American Crisis influenced the colonists because though their lives would be affected by the revolution, the outcome would be a better life for their families and future

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