Words Like Irie Became Chill Out Analysis

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“Words like irie became cool. Constable became policemen. Easy-nuh became chill out. (pg.8)” The quote is describing how people in different countries have different words for the same thing we say but different. (“Do you have a high school degree?” “No” wes replied. (pg. 140) The quote is describing how some people in need of jobs don 't have a high school degree. “ This book is the product of hundreds of interviews, some with people I have known for years and others with people I met minutes before I interviewed them about the most intimate details of their lives.( pg.178)” This quote shows how much effort is put into making a book like “The Other Wes Moore.” “My eye were closed, and my hands moved along with the beat, as if I were onstage laying down the tracks on a DJ set.(pg.75)”…show more content…
“I’d only waded into the street life in the bronx; I never got into its deepest, and darkest waters.(pg.121)” This quote is describing how some places are different than others. “ When it was Woody 's turn, he practically danced up to the principal. the crowd laughed and as woody shook the principal 's hand and looked up at his family, throwing his arms in the air in triumphant a stance.(pg. 109)” The quote above is showing how happy people are about big things in life. “I had the honor of spending a year as a special assistant to the secretary of state , condoleezza Rice.(pg.177)” This quote is about how people coming back from the military can have a job like that for special people. “Mary was the first in her family to go to even begin collage.(pg.17)” This quote is about families that have people in there family that go to college for the first time because the family is
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