Words To Describe Anne Sexton

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Describing Anne Sexton is no easy task but the word madwoman keep coming to mind. It’s essential to define what a madwomen means to have a better understanding of what it represents. The Cambridge dictionary defines madwoman as “a woman who behaves in a very strange and uncontrolled or dangerous way”. Anne Sexton perhaps is a madwoman but with her personal struggles in life comes beauty and depth to her poetry or as Charles Bukowski once said “She is mad but she is magic there is no lie in here fire”. Sophie Heawood also adds a different perspective to how we may mistake a women’s madness in “The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they have actually become is knowledgeable and powerful”. Diane Middlebrook went to great length in her book Anne Sexton A Biography to document Anne Sexton’s life in the most true to detail way so the reader can have a better understanding of Anne’s struggles and how she was willing to find a solutions to her problem of fitting in an image…show more content…
Alcohol became herself prescribed medication. She would drink in the morning, noon and night. Alcohol drove her into even more depression, remorse, sleeplessness and paranoia. Making things worse for her was her friends not enjoying her company due to her alcohol problem, which led to even more loneliness. On page 381 the reader can find that Anne is once more entertaining the idea of death in “I am afraid to die. Yet I think it might do a few favors”. Anne Sexton lived a life that’s considered as difficult. It always seems like whenever Sexton mental health improves something always seem to go wrong. Her struggle with her place in society made her intolerant to the idea of being a mother or a wife as her defining character. in the course of escaping that stereotype Anne seems to have destroyed her support system, pushing away the people who cared about her. Driving herself deeper into
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