Wordsworth Poems Analysis

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Comparison Essay on Wordsworth and Yeats In “Down by the Salley Gardens” by William Butler Yeats and “She dwelt among the Untrodden ways” By William Wordsworth, they both utilize a theme of love while applying imagery consistently throughout the poems. Additionally, Yeats uses parallelism to demonstrate the passing of time through metaphors while Wordsworth comparatively portrays his inner thoughts. Since they are expressing their emotions, Yeats applies similes comparing his love to the beauty of nature whilst Wordsworth is commemorating his love, despite her disappearing from his life. “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” by Wordsworth overall expresses his emotion towards her as she lives her life only to die isolated. “Down by the Salley Gardens” by Yeats has a sense of regret, showing his inner…show more content…
For example, Wordsworth compares ”She”(1) to a “violet”(5) in contrast to the “mossy stone”(5). The violet can be interpreted as standing out while a mossy stone has the connotation of dullness, ordinary, which emphasised through the useage of visual imagery. Another instance where he utilises imagery is when he is comparing her standing out to him like “a star, when only one/is shining in the sky” (7-8). As stars are a part of the night sky, it not only represents imagery but also shows his feelings towards her. Similarly, Yeats compares the beauty of his love to the beauty of nature. Yeats uses a metaphor of his love in”little snow-white feet”() slightly different to the second stanza’s “her snow-white hands”(6). This emphasises the significance of a theme of love, while using imagery to visualise his past lover. Yeats also compares to a “field by the river”(5) as a river can be interpreted as imagery but also could be a symbol for how time keeps on going while his love “did stand” strong even throughout time as his love never
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