Work And Family Conflict

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In the beginning of the 21st century balancing between work and family demands is becoming an increasingly important issue for the employees and their families. Due to the working nature of the employees, they are not able to give proper time to their respective families and simultaneously to their work. Work and family responsibilities touch each other in so many ways. Many individuals are simultaneously pursuing a career and committed to a family relationship. Work-family conflict increases with the participation of women in the workforce and the number of dual-earner families’ especially nuclear families where there is no one to take care of their children's . For example, the increase in the percentage of women entering the work force has…show more content…
There are many times when our work and family lives are in conflict with one another. Work-family conflict seems an easy problem at first but it affects the one’s work-family life relatively. Taking in to account that people spend most of their time at work, except sleeping time (app. daily 70%), work seems inevitable to affect a person life positive or negative. In some departments it is observed that the time people spent for their work exceed 70%. For instance hospitality industry is traditionally known with its long working hours and no holidays. This may naturally cause employees to become exhausted physically and psychologically. Thus, having a balance on work-family; life is essential for the employee’s psychological…show more content…
Work-family conflict is a common problem being faced by the majority of the hospitality employees and results in negative outcomes such as fatigue, absenteeism at work, job satisfaction and turnover intentions. Some of work related factors in these professionals are working shifts, frequent overtime, and long working hour changes which increase conflict risk (Nicole, 2003).
Hospitality profession is considered to be among the most stressful occupation, entailing a high degree of physically, mental, and psychological work, as well as environment of long hours and high turnover. Excessive stress may cause emotional burnout; a leading contributor to turnover and an operational cost to the hospitality industry. The employees in the hotel industry have an important role in the delivery of quality services to their customers and also ;involve a high degree of face-to –face interaction between employees and customers. It is the common and old saying that "Face is the index of mind", perfectively suits the hospitality professionals . For instance, if a front office employee is not satisfied with his/her job and is emotionally and mentally drained then how could one except he/she will deliver a good service to their respective client

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