Work Family Conflict Research Paper

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Consequences of Conflict between Work and Family among Primary School Female Teachers in Chennai City


If you want to bring an end to long-standing conflict, you have to be prepared to compromise. - Aung San Suu Kyi The aim of this research was to explore relations between work family conflict and satisfaction, including job satisfaction, family satisfaction, and life satisfaction.121 married primary school female teachers from Chennai participated in this study. In the present study, we conceptualized work/family conflict (WFC) as conflict due to work interfering with family, and family/work conflict (FWC) as conflict
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Anderson, Coffey, & Byerly, 2002; Frye, & Breaugh, 2004). While there are attempts to explore the work-family construct in eastern settings especially in Asian countries, published studies have been limited (Kim & Ling, 2001; Lo, Stone & Ng, 2003; Nasurdin & Hsia, 2008). In addition, the studies that investigate the relation between two types of conflict and life satisfaction are limited to one domain of life satisfaction or one side of conflict between work and family, and the lack of comprehensive research in this area is evident. Thus, the purpose of present study is to investigate the relationship between the two types of work/family conflict and domains of satisfaction (job satisfaction, family satisfaction and life satisfaction) in Chennai among married primary school female teachers.

LITERATURE REVIEW Newstron et al (1993) are that conflicts may be because of the market pressure and conflicts are not verse if it yield optimistic targets. Many researchers did find negative association of task conflict with employee commitment and satisfaction. (eg., Jehn, Simons, Amason and Mannix).

According to Jehn (1995) the task conflicts are the main reasons of dissatisfaction in the employees and due to this task conflict the routine work assignments are strongly affected compare to no routine jobs. It is very important for organizations that a complete
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Time-based – the time devoted to one role makes it more difficult to participate successfully in the other role.
. Strain-based – strains in one role make it more difficult to participate or be successful in the other role.
. Behavior-based – behaviors expected or required in one role are incompatible with behaviors required or expected in the other role.

Allen et al. (2000) also found a significant, negative correlation between work-family conflict and life satisfaction . Boles et al. (2001) examined that work-family conflict was not only significantly and negatively related to job satisfaction in general, but also to all of the facets of job satisfaction such as satisfaction with supervision and promotion.

On the other hand according to De Dieu & Weingart (2003) task conflict become inevitable during difficult decision situations. They comments further that, this situation lead to a negative impact on the team development and overall performance. More over it is believe that task conflict may cause disturbance but does not have any association with

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