Work Ethic Personal Statement

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I wish not to base my level of successfulness on the amount of money I earn or receive, but on the amount of heart I give to others and my work. Over the next thirty years my success will be reflected by a number of significant milestones that will lead me into a career in the music industry.
The hard work and values my Ghanaian immigrant parents instilled in me has led to my academic success as I was constantly reminded of the value of education. Pushed to do better everyday, my parents were successfully able to build up a strong work ethic in me. That work ethic has been reflected through academic letters, band letters, placement in debate meets, leadership positions, and scholarships earned in high school. My work ethic was also reflected, as I became a recipient of the nationally recognized John Philip Sousa Band Award. The heart instilled by my parents also led to experiencing a taste of employment within my dream career field. On my own accord, after volunteering for a year, I found myself working as an intern at Crossroads Church. Not knowing what I truly wanted to do in the realm of music, I used the opportunity I was given to work in the field of Technical Arts. This internship provided me with the opportunity to work long, tireless nights in the summer setting up stages,
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For the past six years I have been struggling with depression, but in the next thirty years I plan to overcome that. I want to reflect back on my life in thirty years and see that I was able to treat myself with the same care, respect, and kindness that I show to other people. To live with a chemical imbalance that wants nothing but to bring death upon oneself is not an easy problem to resolve seeing as it has ruled my life for quite a bit of time. However, I will push through every single obstacle thrown in my direction by depression and in the process inspire others to do the
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