Work Experience: A Personal Essay On Work Experience

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Work Experience
What is work experience? Work experience is a sort term experience of employment, typically for colleges and year 10-11 students .The purpose of working experience is to provide an opportunity for students to undertake unpaid work in their school life , in order to help them gain some practical experience and by understanding the value of money .Work experience is offered on the national curriculum for students in year 10 and 11 in the UK , Scotland , Australia , New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland ; every student who wishes to do so has a stator right to take work experience . Furthermore when I’m on my work experience week, I got a job as a waitress at a café named Artisan .To be honest that I didn’t get to learn much due to the time while I’m working is quite short and limited .But at least I get to be exposed to the outside world where there’s no teacher or friends standing beside you and give you a hand when you need to help .So as the time passed by I managed to be independent. On the other hand I totally understand that parent might be worrying their child. But parents I would like to say something, in future one day you still have to let your child to expose to the outside whole .We are encouraging the student to go for work experience is because we want them to be independent and able to solve problem by their own. After letting you guys know how important work experience is, we will continue with the benefits of the work experience.
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