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Work experience
I always try to utilize my time to the maximum extent in expanding my skill strata and to self-sustain through various employments. I have been employed briefly during the gaps between my academic careers. After my plus 2 examinations, I worked as a marketing representative for Eureka Forbes for few months while waiting for B Pharm admission. During the interval between my graduation and admission to PharmD, I had an opportunity to teach at a pharmacy school. During my PharmD course, I used to teach Pharmacoepidemiology & Public Health concepts to dental postgraduate students. All these jobs helped me improve my personality and independence. After PharmD, I had worked as a medical content writer and developed skills required for medical communications. Afterward, I have been practicing as a clinical pharmacist in a tertiary care hospital at Grand Cayman, a territory of United Kingdom. The
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Through my education and work experience, I have a developed strong knowledge and interest in the area of Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacoeconomics and Health outcomes, and Pharmacoepidemology. As a student of a developing country, I perceived several concerns in the healthcare sector esp. in relation to health care cost, which indeed prompted me to develop a keen interest on the subject of Pharmacoeconomics to support health care system with improved decision-making tools. Pharmacoeconomics & Health Outcome Research is a concept that has enormous depth and understanding and translating the benefit of medical care on an eventual basis. I was very much intrigued by the expanding role of practicing pharmacist in modern day health care system, hence, I developed penchant to pursue my graduate studies in Pharmacoeconomics & Health Outcome Research and I can aver that I possess the commitment, discipline, and perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed to finish my graduate
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