Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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This assessment is a study about what a nurse does in daily life at work, how he acts in different situation and what are his strengths. If somebody have that inspiration of the moment and the skills or attributes required to become a health care assistant/nurse.

Qualification and Opportunity. In order to be a nurse or health care assistant and a specialized the person need to follow few steps. Step 1: Graduate from High School to have a proper education, required for any person how want to be a nurse. A high education is essential to becoming a registered nurse being ready from school with the vital curses like biology, psychology and mathematics. (B.R.N.)
Step 2: To be a nurse they have to complete a nursing degree program.
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Step 5: In nursing the workers have a many opportunities to specialized in a specialty. The choses can include midwife, communities/public, psych/mental health and many other fields. The nurses specialized can demonstrates to her employer that they are experts and have that capacity to make a professional work. Many facilities reward nurses who become certified in their type of nursing by promoting them, offering them higher compensation and giving some greater responsibilities. (Board of Registered Nursing)

Work experience In nursing it’s very important the experience, because when something is happening the nurse have an idea how should react, what to do and haw. With a good experience a nurse can evited some mistakes and prevent accidents, which can involve the staff and the client. A nurse with few years of experience is stable in his work, knowing what she has to do, being quicker and more safety, because she knows the mistakes from the past and learn from them.
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