Work Family Conflict Case Study

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2.5 Work family Conflict and WLB

The phrase ‘work-family conflict’ emerged in the 1980s (Barnett et al., 2006), having its origins in the study of numerous roles (Brinley, 2005).As with role pressure, work-family conflict emphases on tensions rising from women merging reproductive and productive roles (Thompson, 2003). McElwain (2005), stated that, some studies have found ‘women experience greater levels of work-to-family conflict than men, but there is no gender difference in family-to work conflict’.

According to Hamilton et al, (2006), “work-life” and “work-family” are used interchangeably to characterise a persons’ professional and private lives. Toth et al., (2005) state that, the work-family conflict arises when women experience the stress of the two roles. Families are cultural
Systems which try to sustain a sense of continuity balance and hence each family member 's growth. One of the most vital of these predictors is likely to be the conflict arising out of the professional having to juggle several roles.
According to, Anderson (2002) work family conflict can encourage employees to consider leaving their organizations this have been extensively studied and proven. These conflict would have a significant bearing on the Work- Life Balance of a professional. The resulting emotions and stress would lead the individuals to feel exhausted because of their familial pressures and inability to fulfil their work related roles.

Jarrod (2004) discovered work family and

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