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The article is about flexible working arrangements, work-life balance and women in Malaysia. According to (Rantanen, Kinnunen, Mauno, & Tillemann, 2011), it is generally approves that work-life balance is significant for an individual’s psychological well-being and the entirety of melodious in life that can be reputes as indicators of a successful work-life balance. Women which have the multiple roles are the beginning of the research on work-life balance. Besides, according to (Joshi et al., 2002), work-life balance is a two-prong approach.
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As a matter of fact, work life balance is the meaningful accomplishment and enjoyment in our everyday life. Furthermore, work-life balance is also about generating a productive work culture and the interaction between the paid work and other activities that are meaningful to us such as invested time with our family members and taking part in entertainment activities likes sports. It involved in two principles that are policy principles and implementation principles. In policy principles, work-life balance should benefits the needs of both organization and individual. Work-life balance should broaden different kind of circumstances and employee needs. For example, we should not just focused on those who have establish the family. In implementation principles, the work-life balance should be flexible. In order to meet the needs of employees and the organization, work-life balance procedure can be changed. There are many common benefits of work-life balance. According to (Joshi et al., 2002), the benefits of work-life balance are child care, work hours and leaves for example paternity leaves. For work hours, there is legal limit of non-exempt workers in America from working more than 40 hours a week but there is no such of restriction for…show more content…
According to (Mathew & Panchanatham, 2011), women have the opportunity to develop the entrepreneurial skills due to the changing of the sosio-cultural environment and the increasing educational opportunities. Hence, this will cause the entrepreneurial women difficult to balance between their work and life roles. These roles include being a spouse and parents that need to manage the household chores. They also need to do some contributions to the society and communities. This will lead to the disappearance of work-life balance and reveal of many work-life balance issues. Besides, according to (Explaining, Career, In, & Public, 2014), there are some factors that contributes to women career success which involved in the work-life balance. Hence, flexible working arrangement is important to achieve the work-life

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