Work Life Balance In Tesco And Sainsbury

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The aim of this research study is to evaluate work life balance and its relationship with employees in the UK based companies that are Tesco and Sainsbury. It is noticed from the literature that work life balance plays significant role in increasing job satisfaction and employee loyalty because the workers are provided with the facility to manage their personal life along with work. In order to analyse this context in detail, both primary and secondary data is collected. For primary data, interview and survey are conducted from the employees of both the organisation. For survey, 50 candidates of each company are selected and for interview, 15 employees of each organisation are chosen. It is noticed from the results that employees of Tesco and Sainsbury are satisfied as they are provided with facilities of managing both personal and professional life. The employees are working with the company from 5 to 8 years which means that they have loyal staff. This is because work life practices in Tesco and Sainsbury are implemented effectively due to which their loyalty increases. Therefore, based on results and discussion it is concluded that work life balance have direct relationship with employee loyalty. The turnover of employees initiates serious issues in the prosperity and development of companies. In order to control this issue, the companies are adopting the concept of work life balance. With the help of this technique, the companies can retain and satisfy their

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