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The importance of a nurse to have a well-balanced work-life relationship Juggling between work and life is simply never easy for the nurses. Every discipline requires commitment and devotion to have an outstanding performance output. Nursing is no different. The responsibility of the nurses is to take care of the patients all the time; this is a difficult task, as it requires dedication and devotion. Sometimes, they find themselves the only wall between the patient’s threshold of life and death. This makes their lives stressful and challenging. For these reasons, loss of focus at work is not an option for the nurses, as these would result in injuries if not loss of lives. The purpose of this research is to show the importance of a balanced work-life relationship for maximum output of the nurses. Significance of the study We can consider a well-balanced work-life relationship as a lifestyle in which a person enjoys life as much as they do their work. Susan defines work-life balance (WLB) stating that it means, “Bringing work, whether done on the job or at home and leisure time into balance to live life to its fullest” (2012). The relationship between work and life should be symbiotic. This means that the person should not just work for financial support but also enjoy what they are doing. In a scenario where a nurse or any other worker is only reporting to work for financial problems, then there is an imbalance between work and life. A good work-life ratio should be “50/50;”

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