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Work Integrated E Leaning:
Reflection Paper:
Computer were invented in 1960s revolutionized the society in learning, analyzing, management, administration practices effectively and efficiently. Computers in education department leads the world to a new horizon of learning. Computers have become one of the largest teaching machines during the last few decades. Traditional and conservative ways of teaching and learning are replaced by the modern and digitalized tactics. The innovative concepts of artificial intelligence have evolved the computer’s teaching and learning abilities even in every level of education. In this way the future of students and teachers is revolutionized.
Our working strategies are also changing with the passage of time. Our society’s changing working methodologies and
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According to some individual’s perspective, the context for learning has largely been ignored, and the main struggles have been on judging the cause-effect relationships between “new” knowledge and IT. Our work depends on requirements for originations, tools available, interaction with colleagues, working condition and rules applied. As the field of IT has evolved our work space we need to redesign IT to make our work simple and easy rather than making it more complicated.
The importance of research on IT for collaboration of learning in work is dominated by mobile and distributed work. Collaborating learning have become crucial and how IT has contributed to this. How can we implement and organize collaborative learning activities in distributed work and mobile? How the mobile technology and the distributed networks effects learning methodologies of our society. Informatics research is the work of understanding the relations between human society and technologies, and in doing this taking a stand and suggesting new and better ways employing

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