Personal Narrative: My Work Values

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and wrong values in order to achieve the success I wanted. Values, beliefs and behaviors at work may be assessed in different ways, the people who work just to gain experience, people who work just to provide their family what they needed, or people who work just to have a success in life. My work values depend upon what type of work I have.
• Professional growth – It enables us to grow as a person by having a work. My entire two years and seven months as a staff nurse have grown me as a professional and truly adapted what I have learned and experienced in both academic and clinical skills. Reading a books alone can retain sometimes I a short period of time in my mind. But with the combination of the two, theory and practical skills can make
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I have to have lots of trainings to refresh what I have learned from college. Ideally, cannot go through success if I do not have the experience and not fully equipped with the knowledge. As the modern technology increases, many advanced equipment and skills, which will be needed training before using and some of them become obsolete and replace in due time. In nursing profession, staff must have a lifelong in-service trainings and seminars to maintain professional expertise in related areas. Many health conditions have been discovered. Through continuous learning, we will be aware how to avoid, care, and manage in that particular condition. They said that prevention through being aware can cure and stop the spread of transmission. The challenge of being a registered nurse is how to become knowledgeable and competent because we are dealing with lives of the people around us. Every single action is vital and every second should not be disregard. Therefore, it has made me realized that even you had already encountered a specific diseases, skills, equipment and so forth we have to be vigilant for the continuous changing world of being not just a registered but also a professional nurse. In hospital setting, nurses must have a lot of courage. And have the knowledge in appropriate actions in delivering of patient care. Like for instance, I have to question the certain drug dose in the doctor. In this situation confronting a situation that has a threat to the patient and jeopardizing the patient’s safety. Inventive think of new ideas is another behavior that fits in this kind of values. I have only one career but I have a lot of creative ideas in using available resources. I have also to force myself in putting my multitasking skills in variety of way whenever you have a busy day in the unit. Through continuous education, nurses can expand their career in case management, pharmaceutical industry, research,

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