What Are The Challenges Of Change In Organizations

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----------- Cultural Environment ----------- Work Force Culture and Attitude ----------- Competitors Policies and Programmes. Whatever may be the speed of change or the extent of change one thing is sure and that it will have some kind of impact on the organization of business. The change process may influence some or all the variables of the organization wither gradually or drastically and therefore it has the capacity to change the organizational structure and organizational relationships. The most important aspect here is that whenever there is a change it brings with it a lot of challenges before the organization and therefore managing the change is a difficult task and facing change successfully is even a more difficult task before the Manager of today, as today the process of change have not only become common but the change is at a very fast pace. To Mange the different Challenges of Change Process an Organization must have a Good Strategy consisting of the following components:- • To face the change and its different challenges posed before the management, organization and the management must have a good plan. A good plan will tell the organization what is to be done? What are the important objectives to be achieved? The time and the people to be involved, the resources to be…show more content…
Continuous R&D and updating technology is an important tool to face the challenges of change. Both R&D and technology also requires continuous training programmes. Training programmes if conducted on regular basis prepares the employees to mentally accept the change and face it successfully. If the work force is not trained they shall not be prepared to accept the challenge and may withdraw additional responsibility. Training will help the work-force to add latest information and new techniques it will also make them aware of the new challenges brought by the forces of

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