Workforce Diversity In Coca Cola Company

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Workforce Diversity In this globalization era, cultural diversity is one of the most concerned issue in the international Human Resource management for any multinational company. In most time, cultural diversity is resulting to the workforce diversity in an organization. Workforce diversity refers to the variety of similarities and differences among the employees in terms of age, gender, race, religion, cultural background, personality, physical abilities and disabilities, education, organization function and more (workforce diversity, n.d.). Diversity will also cause a person’s perceptions for others which will affect their interactions and communications with others. As the world become closer, the diversity in cultural or workforce will increase significantly in the future. Therefore, more and more of the organizations are recognize the need to solve and manage the diversity in the workplace now. Coca-Cola as a world’s leading and world’s largest beverage company, it operates in over 200 countries worldwide (Who We Are, n.d.). Coca-Cola company has emphasized the diversity in the race, gender, cultures, ideas, life style, and business practices. However, the most significant workforce diversity in Coca-Cola company is the multitude of cultures and geographies which can be observe through it’s more than 100 languages used in the operations worldwide due to it large operations in worldwide. Coca-Cola company has benefited from the diversity by gathering the various
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