Working At Plymouth Tube Short Story

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Plymouth tube Patricia Mosley my grandmother works at Plymouth tube a tube manufacturing factory in her words "I drop wads through tubes". Although Patricia has not fulfilled her dream job as a nurse she left her caregiver job as a CNA for over 30 years "to better” herself at Plymouth tube. Making tubing for aircraft, nuclear reactors, and medical equipment has been Patricia's job for the past 11 years. Working at Plymouth tube "I feel like I have to go above and beyond.....there's nothing like having your son for your boss" Patricia remarked. Patricia has been "taking orders" from her son William for the 4 years he's been boss. Some people at the plant make comments that William "shows partiality" but that’s not the case according to Patricia.…show more content…
In a plant of 5 woman and the rest men Patricia is very hard working and doesn't "take nothing from no one and will tell them how it is". Patricia is dependable by being on time, she reassures herself of this by leaving her home 45 minutes before work when it only takes 15 minutes to get there "it’s better to be early than late" if Patricia is late even 30 seconds she gets a mark and after 3 marks being let go is a possibility. Patricia "values her job" its safe friendly and everyone gets along and for the most part everyone are good co-workers "for a couple of exceptions" you find one person that thinks they know it all. Patricia over the course of her 11 years has worked and trained people on the vapor degreaser (VDC) and north dreaver (furnace). The vapor degreaser cleans lube of off the tubes, lube is used on tubes when drawing to make them smaller; the dreaver is where you anneal the tubes to meet the customer’s requirement of the texture of the tubes. If Patricia could change one thing it would be to "have people care about their job and be responsible for their actions". With 41 years of hard work Patricia is looking forward to only 2 more years of work then being retired and care free about work with her "feet propped up taking life easy" and reading
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