Working Class Environmentalism: A Case Study

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Stefania Barca

Trade unions have been known to figure out the alternative solution of the industrial working problems, but with the additional environmental issue. Three major problem surfaced from the issue. First one is the lack of further cooperative actions regarding the ecological impact from the industry’s production and their pollutions from local to greater scale. Second problems shows up as the result of the unreliable connections between the health and safety of the workers itself. Last problem is about the mindset of productivity and other paradigm of economic growth that led to fostering the growing rates for economy under the purpose
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This kinds of social costs embraced as the result of the irresistible demand for economic growth, by sometimes sacrificing both the workers and the environment. The economic theorist called it as the concept of negative externalities (Barca, 2012), which entrepreneurs change the real cost of human and environmental health and safety into the third parties. Kapp ideas on the social cost and the natural behavior of entrepreneur enhanced as the fundamental of the upcoming theory, named as Ecological Economics. It is considered as the radical non-orthodox discipline because of it declining the idea which unlimited economic growth were the only possible answer for poverty (Barca, 2012). However, Salleh (Salleh, 2010) stated that the cost of production for industrial and Meta-industrial workers along with the public health is not highly as the main concern of ecological economist. The result of it is the failure of Ecological Economy. Another perspective of social science regarding the environmentalism is the Environmental Justice Movement (EJM) (Barca, 2012). EJM is a research program which finding the final result of inequality between environmental cost and the economy activities (Barca, 2012). The…show more content…
Their role is to maintain the social awareness regarding the important of environment sustainable development through balancing between the cost of production and the cost of environmental effigy, that which in term of economy, is more efficient for the entrepreneur to secure their local cost to environmental development cost. US Italy, and Brazil have been prove their capability to rise the public awareness regarding the importance of environmental development, through the working class environmentalism coalition which led to the implementation of such important political reformation on ecology. My personal suggestion for the author is that use more clear and unambiguous language, because it can be possible that the reader of the journal is not the one who highly understand about the topic, or those who were have slight implementation of everyday vocabulary. Try to make it simpler to understand, so everyone can gain the exact information that contains within
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