Working Class Environmentalism Literature Review

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ON WORKING-CLASS ENVIRONMENTALISM: A HISTORICAL AND TRANSNATIONAL OVERVIEW The journal article that the reviewer will discuss is entitled “On Working-Class Environmentalism: A Historical and Transnational Overview”. This journal was written by Stefania Barca, a senior researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. The journal was published in November 2012 which the major discussion was basically about social movements, notably social movements which are affected by environmental and ecological problems. Barca’s journal was discussing about problems and issues in the aspect of labor/workers and environmentalism which arose due to the emergence of economic growth and industrialization of the nature, mostly in 1960s until 1990s. She argued that the existence of trade union has helped industrial and economy development yet did not really concern about ecological problems. She divided the main discussion of the journal into three sections, such as the discussion of labor and environmental as social costs; the quest of environmental justice; and working-class environmentalism: stories…show more content…
In the journal, she mentioned about social theory of Social Costs (Kapp: 1950). The theory was basically focusing on human and environmental health: damage to workers’ health, air and water pollution, depletion of animals, depletion of energy resources, soil erosion, and deforestation . The theory of Social Costs was also discussing about how capitalistic system has contributed the environmental degradation. The massive industrialization in the search for more capital and profit in some countries has indeed affected the environment, as it polluted the water, air, and soil by its waste. Fred Magdoff mentioned that the other aspect – beside economy - which will be affected by a relentless pursuit of profits in the capitalism is the environment

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