Working Conditions In The Jungle

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During the 1900’s working conditions were undeniably horrible. In Packingtown everyday got more difficult as the days went on. In the meat packing business things were supposed to be done quick. Inside the factories packing, chopping, inspecting and people actions didn’t mix. Not only did the people in the factories suffered, the people outside of the factory also suffered. The Bosses squeezed and drained the life of those men. In the book The Jungle written by Upton Sinclair he described the life of a struggling family try to work and stay alive in the filth. The working conditions in the factories were unsafe, unsanitary and people made little. The purpose of this book was for people to become socialist other than capitalist. Upton Sinclair wanted people to see that capitalism was bad…show more content…
One of the killing beds steering wheels broke loose and Jurgis quickly moved out the way not noticing that he broke his ankle. During the winter the factories stayed cold no heat was inside the factories. More accidents and more problems were made this way because everyone was so cold they could bare to work. “one of the consequences of this episode was that the first three joints in his fingers were permanently damaged” (pg. 87). In the Brown’s factory Teta Elizabeth’s Son Stainslovas catches Frost bite his ear lobes falls off and 3 joints in his fingers becomes damaged because he works at the lard machine. Most of these machines were managed by unskilled immigrants. Second, most of the factories were unsanitary. The fog was so high in the factory that if you were to cut a piece of meat you would probably cut your hand off. Some of the cattle had tuberculosis or were sick with other diseases. They will add chemicals to the mat to make it seem like it was fresh cattle. “men called it “steely” which means covered with boils. It was a nasty job killing these, for when you plunged your knife into them they would burst and splash a
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